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Journal Finder


The first OpenURL Link Resolver to go into production in the United States, was created, designed, and has been maintained by the Electronic Resources and Information Technology staff of UNCG.


Now owned by and available from WT Cox Subscriptions, Journal Finder gives library patrons easy access to the electronic resources the library subscribes to. Journal Finder is a combination of an A-Z list, Link Resolver and a very friendly and easy-to-use ERM.


Journal Finder has continually been enhanced from its beginning with additional usage reports, expanded linking, ERM and more than 13,000 free and Open Access titles, along with many additional features. Journal Finder is now being used by over 70 libraries and has a solid reputation and very loyal fan base.


Journal Finder was developed by librarians for the library user.


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Originally posted on hls:

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Being more than a month into my second year at Pratt SILS, I’m trying not to drown in the load of reading that comes with the classes. A majority of my readings are from scholarly journals, and I’d like to give a run down of some of the journals that are prevalent in my library school syllabi, but most importantly make note of the journals that are Open Access and FREE for you to browse and access.  If you are a current student in library school, I urge you to take advantage of the databases of your school library. Aside from various blogs that exist on the web, this is where you can find the latest news  in the profession that’s sure to keep you aware and prepared for future job interviews. They are:

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Libraries and the Demographic Shift


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Originally posted on hls:

Recently, library-land has been buzzing about the soft launch of EveryLibrary, a non-partisan , national organization dedicated to helping libraries at the ballot box. As we move towards election time, I’m sure we’re all reading about what measures and initiatives we’ll be voting for and against (because we’re all responsible citizens who will be voting in the upcoming elections right?). What’s cool about EveryLibrary is that they will exclusively be dedicated to advocating for library initiatives, connecting with local communities to get voter support. Libraries can use all the help they can get at election time. A vote for libraries means more hours, more funding, and more jobs. This is something all library school students can get behind.

Advocacy is a very important aspect of librarianship. We often hear about the doom and gloom of library hours being cut and budgets being slashed. Professionals, new and young, are finding…

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Publishers will appeal district court’s decision in e-reserve copyright case | Inside Higher Ed

Publishers will appeal district court’s decision in e-reserve copyright case | Inside Higher Ed.

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ALA Upcoming Annual Conferences

ALA Upcoming Annual Conferences.

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Black Male Librarians

Black Male Librarians.


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