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AAMLA’s Officers

OFFICERS 2012-2014

President:  Alonzo W. Hill, M.L.I.S  (Michigan)
Vice President:  Michael E. Owens, M.L.I.S.  (Oklahoma)
Secretary:  Johnnie R. Blunt, M.L.I.S.  (Michigan)
Treasurer:  Richard E. Ashby, Jr., M.L.S.  (New York)
Public Relations:  Cornel Darden, Jr., M.S.L.I.S.  (Illinois)
Membership Officer:  Bobby Walter, M.L.I.S.  (Kentucky)
Historian:  Avery L. Daniels, M.L.I.S.  (South Carolina)



Webmaster: Gerald D. Jackson, M.L.I.S.  (Alabama)

Social Media Coordinator:  Errol A. Adams, J.D., M.L.S.  ( New York )

L-SERV Administrator: Alan R. Bailey, M.L.S.  (North Carolina)

Newsletter Editor: Don P. Jason III, B.S.  (Ohio)

 Motto: ” Different Paths, One Goal”

Colors: Black and Burgundy

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